A project to create a gateway element at the corner of West Bay Drive and Seminole Boulevard has hit several roadblocks over the past year, but city officials say it’s on the verge of completion.

If the aim or intent of the Largo plaza was to adorn and embellish the entrance to downtown Largo, it sure missed the mark.

Take the “Largo” sign itself; it just gets lost into the black background. The gray grill in front is what you really see during the day and not the black “Largo” letters. Maybe they should have been made or painted just the opposite so that the sign and not the grill would have been more visible during the day just like the white polka dots you can’t miss in the background. But, are those polka dots raindrops or are they baubles, bangles and beads? Let’s just hope that when the sign lights up at night when everyone is asleep it can be seen then. Oh, by the way, the word Largo in Spanish means long, so I think it would be fair to say that Largo lives up to its name on the delayed project.

M. R. Maribona, Clearwater