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My daughter and son-in-law recently gave me a lovely 39-inch TV set to replace the one that died a year or two ago. I deliberately went without TV, on the theory that doing so would make me more productive. The theory didn't work. I could waste time even if I were in a locked-down prison cell or hospital room.

Last week's TV broadcasts give me excellent material for this week's Seat. To wit:

ME AND JOE BIDEN. Joe and I were born about 20 miles apart in northeast Pennsylvania. (How's that for a name-dropping attention-grabber?) My hometown was Tunkhannock, a pleasant town on the banks of the Susquehanna River. I never got to know Joe — he was born in Scranton 19 years after me, and by then I had moved along in my successful pursuit of obscurity.

When the Scranton economy tanked, Joe's father moved to Delaware to find a new job. He became a successful car salesman, and now you know the rest of the story. Joe went to law school, and now stands on the verge (what is a verge? Have you ever stood on one?) of being nominated for the presidency of the USA.

Joe is a longtime member of the Catholic Church. Sixty years ago another Catholic — John F. Kennedy — announced his quest for the White House. This triggered an uproar from many non-Catholics, who said, "Omigod, if JFK wins, the Pope will be sleeping in Abe Lincoln's bed!"

JFK did win , but I don't recall that he showed any favoritism toward Rome or any other bastion of righteousness. I'm glad we won't have to repeat the narrow-minded contentions of the 1960 election. There are others waiting in line, such as "COVID-19? Wear a mask? Keep my kiddies away from school? What, me worry?"

To return to Biden's church affiliations: he has taken a pro-choice stand, and that kills any chance he might have had to win a "Catholic of the Year" prize.

And now we have Kamala Harris to think about. Trump & Associates must have rejoiced to learn that Joe Biden had selected as his running mate a woman with a Jamaican father and a mother who was born in India.

First reactions surely included, "She can never become president, right? Doesn't our Constitution prohibit foreign-born persons from winning the presidency?" But Ms. Harris was born on Oct. 20, 1964, in Oakland, California. This makes her a full-blooded American, same as the president, who was born in Queens.

This leaves her critics to zero in on her first name. Kamala?

Kamala? Who or what is a Kamala? We didn't much care for Hillary, but at least her name had an Anglo-Saxon ring to it."

I did some checking and learned that more than 1,000 American mothers have chosen to name their daughters Kamala. It is Nepalese in origin, and means Lotus Flower.

I think that somehow the Trumpeters will find plenty to say about the Biden-Harris ticket. And vice-versa. Aren't you glad Election Day is coming soon? I am, no matter who wins.

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