I just read my latest issue of Largo Leader. I was dismayed by the story about having the recycling program in the city going from gangbusters to having to pay someone to take it away. It does not make sense to burn it either. As the article states, they are already near max capacity at the county waste-to-energy incinerator. We don’t want to start burying our everyday trash and recyclables again.

I realize that Pinellas cities, for the most part, are trying to do the right things and keep up the recycling programs. I think that our local politicians need to try to get the state and federal governments to offer incentives to start recycling processing facilities in America. So many things can be remanufactured into retail products.

Being a Largo resident, I am proud to recycle, and feel that we may even be the highest recycler on our block.

John Binfield, Largo