I have lived in the Marymont section of Clearwater for 38 years.

The Landings Golf Course at 1875 Airport Drive is under attack by a developer, Harrod Properties. The city of Clearwater was given (or was donated) the 77 acres by the Fugazzi family. The Landings Golf Course leases the 77 acres from the city of Clearwater for $1,000 per month.

Harrod Properties from Tampa wants to convert the open space into a light industrial manufacturing complex of nine buildings for offices and warehouses. These will not be open to the public. Entrances to this complex will be off of Keene Road. Traffic from this complex (it has been stated there will be 3,281 jobs from construction and renters) will be using Keene Road, Drew Street, Sunset Point Road and Hercules Avenue, with bypass roads being Airport Drive, Gilbert Street, Cincinnati Parkway and McKinley Street. Trucks will be using Drew Street and Sunset Point Road to get to U.S. 19. All of these roads already have a high volume of traffic.

Residents are concerned about the safety of the roads; safety of the students that attend the five-plus schools in the area and the students crossing the roads; safety of the Clearwater Air Park that is next to this green space (and FEMA needs as an evacuation site); ecology impact; possible flooding of properties from the green space being paved over; how property value will be effected and how will the quality of life of the residents be effected.

Please ask yourself, do we really need more light industrial manufacturing buildings in the Clearwater area? Just look at either side of Hercules Avenue between Sunset Point Road and Drew Street. There are so many buildings that are empty.

Once a green space is gone, it’s gone forever. We need to save green spaces now and for future generations.

Voters of Clearwater get to have a say Nov. 3 with a referendum on the ballot. Voters need to be aware of this. Please pass the word around so the voters can make their own decision.

Joanne Kliesh, Clearwater