What was a “shining light on the hill” is now a smoldering sanitary landfill! No surprise when it erupts incinerating our rights and freedoms, once cherished and envied around the world. That landfill has been nourished for at least the last five decades, with the putrid effluent of this nation’s two (mainstream) political enterprises! The first has abandoned any semblance of the founder's intent, for nothing more than money, power and control. The second no longer embraces any semblance of resistance and balance to the changing order of the first. Such order is the long history of sequestered beliefs and stunted vision of seriously malformed homosapiens. With 8 billion on this planet, “they” are everywhere; from Genghis Khan to DeSantis, a small sample of their hoard. How long will we endure, what will it cost in lives, rights, freedoms?

Mike MacDonald