Skimmers walking along beach.

How lucky we are to live or holiday in Florida. Not only because of the wonderful beaches and weather, but did you know you have something amazing here? If I said there are some very rare and magical birds here, would you guess that they are the black skimmers with the long black and orange beaks that gather on small groups on the sand.

There are not many flocks left in the world and you are so fortunate that most of them are found along your local beaches. They spend all night skimming the ocean to pick up tiny fish in the pitch dark and then return to the shore to rest up for the day. We can help in their survival by allowing them to rest and recover during the day and not chasing them off for a photograph.

If they were to die out because we didn’t leave them in peace, how will we explain to our grandchildren it was because of our carelessness?

P. Whippy, vacationing from Sussex, England