Some believe term limits aren’t necessary because when an election takes place and a candidate doesn’t get reelected then their term has ended. This is a nice idea in a perfect society without election fraud. However, after the 2020 election debacle, we can say with confidence “term limits” are not happening at the polls. Back in 1996, Pinellas County voters voted for a measure to put term limits on county commissioners by an astonishing 73%. To put it into hard facts, 253,480 voters out of 348,814 voted in favor of term limits. As of today, no, let me repeat myself, no term limits have been enforced on the Pinellas charter for county commissioners. This is appalling and frankly a slap in the face to the 253,480 voters who approved the measure. 

There are only three ways in which the charter of Pinellas can be changed. The current county commissioners can place a referendum on the ballot, the Charter Review Commission can place the question on the ballot or the citizens can launch a petition initiative to get the question on the ballot. Since the first two ways have been ignored, we the citizens of Pinellas County have launched a petition campaign, “8 is enough,” to rid our county of “lifers” on the County Commission and limit their years in service to two terms or eight years. Visit to download our petition, sign it and mail it to Friends of Pinellas County, Inc., 1043 31st Terrace NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33704. Please feel free to print several copies of the petition so all your registered household voters can participate. Getting this back on the ballot in November 2022 would ultimately give some justice to the 253,480 voters who voted yes back in 1996! 

Caroline Fiorillo 

St. Petersburg