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If Joe Biden is declared the official winner of the Nov. 3 presidential election, our nation will enter perhaps the most dangerous 80 days of our history.

If that statement strikes you as overly dramatic you may not have been listening to President Trump in recent times. Already he has promised to twist the election results into at least a postponement, and possibly a reversal, in his favor.

Once he has thrown a wrench into the voting machinery, only God can predict what may happen between Nov. 3 and Jan. 20, 2021 — Inauguration Day. Even if Trump should be declared the undisputed loser on Nov. 3, he will still have 11 weeks as president to conclude the demolition derby he has wrought during the previous four years.

And if the Republican Party maintains its control of the U.S. Senate, Trump will have an even better chance of fashioning a revenge-ridden departure from the White House. For who would stop him?

The Supreme Court? Well, maybe. A few recent decisions by the court give hope that the justices have not become Trump flunkies, as Mitch McConnell and Co. have done.

The news media? Fat chance. Although most major news outlets have exposed Trump's behavior, the net effect has been to serve as a continuing public relations campaign for him.

The Pentagon? Here's where things get really scary. Even if every member of our military defense team was to privately loathe Trump, our fighting men and women are forbidden by law and tradition from disobeying the president's commands. Such as "Do not oppose any moves by Russian forces anywhere between Poland and Singapore."

I'm not saying that even if Joe Biden is elected and Trump quietly leaves the stage, all will be peachy for the USA. We'll still have COVID-19, global warming, inflation, urban violence, China, and other headaches.

And we'll still have ourselves — you, me and our neighbors — to deal with. That will be part of the problem — the American people. We can be a magnificent, dedicated and unified team, as we were in both World Wars.

But we're also personally independent, to a degree that can tear us apart when we face ticking time bombs such as Trump and COVID-19. "No one can tell me to wear a mask, or who I should vote for, dammit!" And so on.

Fair enough. So what shall we do, from day to day? Where are the easy answers? How do we cope? Your answer is as good as mine. Whether it be religion, psychiatry, dumb luck, or some other system, if you find an answer that seems to work for you, hang on to it.

And tell me about it.

Right now the appropriate watchword is clear: Vote. No matter who wins each office, voting on Nov. 3 (or earlier, by mail-in ballot) is our best chance to celebrate freedom. Will it be our last? Stay tuned.

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