Re: Make a smart decision when you vote (July 9)

In reply to Mr. Ousley’s letter, it’s just my opinion, but I can only assume his family never taught him respect or common decency, and he apparently never acquired those skills in his 73 years when referring to the president of our United States as “stupid.” Having said that, I shall refer to him in his own words as “stupid” as that appears to be the extent of his social skills, and I prefer not to talk over his head.

Perhaps it can be said, he has obviously been drinking too much CNN KoolAid, and confuses not following police orders to disperse, rioting, looting and creating mayhem as “peaceful demonstrations.” Perhaps he can tell that to the families of those murdered in these riots or to the police killed protecting his right to make potentially stupid comments.

Mr. Ousley is possibly also confused thinking our president reopens states from the COVID-19 lockdowns. I realize facts can elude some blinded by ideology, but that is the purview of the governors. Lastly, I believe Barack Obama was the worst president in U.S. history, but I never maligned his pitiful presidency until after he left office. Perhaps the writer might be a better person if he followed suit.

Bob Maschin, Belleair Beach