Re: “Don’t let all of our sacrifices be for nothing” (April 16)

I am currently retired and have to admit that I haven't been as financially affected by this crisis as most citizens. My inconveniences are nothing compared to citizens that have lost jobs or businesses. I don't need to suffer to know that other people are. I cannot even imagine this happening to my family when we were starting out and struggling to get by. Our government and hospitals are much better prepared to handle this pandemic than when it started. We have to start opening up our economy to save our businesses and jobs. There will be loss of life and sickness for certain. There will also be loss of life if we don't open up our economy.

God bless those most affected and all the first responders who are diligently working during these trying times. I am a retired first responder and my daughter followed in my footsteps. I know what she is dealing with to an extent. They are the part of society who has no choice but face this pandemic head on.

Mark Farling, Seminole