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All the well-intended and good-works organizations that have sprung up and are fighting their local battles are to be commended and should be supported. However, real change has one place to start to make inroads into the current deterioration and corruption of our republic and its democratic principles by both major political parties, and that is from the ground up.

Those at the top end are too entrenched, too influential, too affluent and have too much control to rid us of them all or to even consider accomplishing reform and good government that we're fighting for.

The obvious warning signs have been with us and widely written about for years. But while much complaining and notification of this rot was forthcoming, it has only been used by the establishment (two party duopoly) as rhetoric in their own political gamesmanship.

Here is the real warning: the insurrectionist Republicans are doing it. For the past four years they are campaigning and electing county commissions, supervisors of elections, school boards and local judges while the Democrats just keep shooting themselves in the foot and losing more and more ground. Outside organizations have attempted time after time to help those decent but hapless D's who have at times actually accused Independents and NPAs of being their enemy, all the while refusing to recognize and solicit the growing numbers of assistance that could come their way for their candidates.

And so to answer a question asked about where the party of JFK has gone, (remember “ask not what your country can do for you, rather, what you can do for your country”), that party of FDR, HST and JFK is newly born and also includes genuine conservative values, we're just wearing a new and necessary suit of clothes, and that is called Independents, a third party for protection and change in our shining city on the hill. There are only five small but legitimate and viable independent parties in the entire country and those are where the support and action should be directed. Nationally we are currently in a scenario where only "we the people" at the ground floor level can effect the change necessary to save our republic and the wonderful experiment called the United States of America.

In Florida, it is the Independent Party of Florida.

Ernest Bach is state chairman of the Independent Party of Florida. He lives in Largo.