In the Oct. 17 edition of the Beach Beacon, a letter was submitted that was critical of the city of Treasure Island and of the Isle of Capri Civic Association regarding the dog park. A number of misstatements were made.

It was asserted that building a dog park at Rosselli Park would destroy the natural beauty of the park. There is no natural beauty at Rosselli Park; it is all man made. Many years ago the city created the park as an active park with a playground, a ballfield, tennis courts, a basketball hoop, shuffleboard court and a walking path. They planted trees around the walking path. The city is putting in a dog park to enhance the use of the park by its residents. Dog parks are one of the most requested amenities in cities and neighborhoods. In fact the city of St. Petersburg has been deemed a pet friendly city because of its many dog parks.

Our donors are proud to have their names on the pavers and benches that are being put in the dog park. Many of the city's business owners donated for these and other amenities. The dog park comes at no expense to anyone. The taxpayers are not contributing one dime of money to the park; it has all come from the donors. The only self-serving members of the area are the mean spirited anti-dog people. They have used every tactic to stop our citizens from having the dog park. Truly disheartening.

Obviously, the writer of the anti-dog letter does not know the area well. He seems to think that a dog park could have been put in Isle of Palms or Sunset Beach. Anyone who lives here knows that neither area has room for a dog park. The writer should also know that no studies or notifications have to be sent out to anyone concerning additions to the park. No state offices have to be notified. The city owns the park and can add any amenities they want.

The letter writer goes on to mention the homeless problem, which affects every city, saying that the city should focus on that instead of a dog park. Perhaps if this person was involved with the city he would know that the city is working on that problem and the presidents and other officers of the various civic associations in the city have formed a task force on the subject.

He asks where are our priorities. Perhaps you should attend our City Commission meetings more often or watch them online or television to see what the city has been working on. The only people that are costing the city money are the anti-dog people by filing all kinds of frivolous complaints with various governmental agencies trying to stop the dog park. Now they are threatening lawsuits. If they really cared about Rosselli Park maybe they could raise funds to rehab the concession stand or the veteran’s memorial. The grand opening will be soon. Yay!

Mike Braddy, Treasure Island