Recently, some of our neighbors shared a flyer with us sent by an opponent’s campaign that attacks our candidate of choice, Kathleen Beckman.

Putting aside the various, twisted half-truths that were noted, what was extremely offensive was the obvious disregard for the foundation of our Clearwater City Council race, i.e., a nonpartisan contest.

Personally and individually, today at age 76 and starting at age 21, we have a history of working for and voting for a candidate regardless of party, someone who:

• upholds the highest standard of ethics, integrity, moral code

• listens to the issues important to its citizens

• advocates for family-friendly, residential, neighborhoods

• demands fiscal responsibility and accountability from our elected leaders

• promotes openness, transparency, communication

• “walks the talk” serving as an active citizen/volunteer throughout our city.

These three candidates have our vote: Bill Jonson for mayor, Eliseo Santana for Seat 2, and Kathleen Beckman for Seat 3.

Returning to the definition of nonpartisan: Sometimes electioneering and even speaking about candidates may be discouraged, so as not to prejudice others’ decisions or create a contentious atmosphere.

To those who choose to be a bully and infect our election process with partisan rhetoric, we say: run on your strengths, demonstrate your willingness to meet our needs, live the values that we trust you know are important to us.