Harrod Properties Inc. plans to transform The Landings Golf Course in Clearwater into an industrial park. However, some residents, especially those at St. Andrews Cove II condominium complex shown at the southwest corner of the course, say such a project doesn’t belong there. Voters will get to decide in a November referendum.

To the people of Clearwater,

On Nov. 3, we will be voting on a referendum to develop the Landings, 1875 Airport Drive, a par-3, public golf course of 77 acres off County Road Keene, just north of Drew Street, into a “Light Industrial Park” with possibly 24/7 employment, traffic and lights.

As a resident here for over 30 years in this dense, overbuilt county, it is a simple decision for me that this green space needs to remain green space. This choice is all about revenue for the city; we are currently receiving $12,000 a year from the Landings and this Harrod Properties development will eventually pay a million a year. There is no price on the air, the sky, the trees, the animals, the space, the homeowners’ value and lifestyle, the airpark and its emergency need, the safety of the five local schools, and the unintended consequences that are still so many questions not answered. We can do better. We are informing each other. We have yet to hear publicly from the city on this issue; not on Nextdoor or electric signs or our utility bill newsletter. The ballot will be mailed Sept. 29. Our neighborhood associations (CNC) created a debate on the issue. An educated electorate is a good democracy. Vacancies in our properties and business community abound; in this time, we do not need to approve over 700,000-plus square feet of industrial development and the pavement that comes with it, a total of 57 acres.

Vote no! Tell your friends and family, just vote no!

Beth Davis, Clearwater