Now is not the time for pruning trees. Please put down the chain saw and consider that many creatures have already built nests and have filled them with eggs and offspring.

Nicer weather makes people eager to spruce up their yards, but spring and summer are not the time to cut down trees or branches, which kills or harms so many baby birds and squirrels.

Palm trees are a favorite for nesting squirrels and many baby squirrels are dumped to the ground when palm trees are trimmed. Sadly, I have witnessed this happen, and the mother squirrel, if she escaped the chain saw, doesn’t always come back for the babies.

This time of year, the wildlife rehabilitators are overwhelmed with these unfortunate victims of tree trimmers, and rearing these tiny babies is a painstaking and time consuming process. Consider having your trees trimmed during winter months to spare the life of God’s small creatures. Now is a great time to donate to our local wildlife centers, such as the Seabird Sanctuary, whose doors are always open to receive injured or orphaned birds.

Lisa Auletta, Indian Rocks Beach