In response to the Seminole Beacon’s front-page report on the “Tides Clubhouse is No More” on Jan. 14, one must ask is: Where is the county on this issue?

With environmentally sensitive land at a premium in Pinellas County, with recreational opportunities diminishing and overcrowding increasing, why is the county not jumping at the chance to enhance the quality of life and environment? Does the county care about quality of life?

The Tides property is adjacent to Pinellas County’s Millennium Park on Boca Ciega Bay, a beautiful waterfront park that provides recreational and environmental benefits for its citizens. Rare opportunities occur infrequently, that’s why they are rare. If the county has the foresight to seize on the once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire this environmentally sensitive property and incorporate it into its park system, it should do it.

This would demonstrate that the county is concerned about the quality of life of its citizens and the environment. It would prove that the county and its commissioners are good stewards of the land. I believe we the people are watching!