Despite the foolishness of our historical statues being torn down, rioters being coddled in certain cities, and groups wanting the national anthem to be banned, I still have hope for the “silent majority” who is watching. Our men and women who serve to protect and defend us, our property, and livelihoods, should be respected for keeping us out of harm’s way. An egregious act committed by one officer that did cost the life of Mr. Floyd should not have it assumed that all who serve to protect and defend are bad people. All professions and occupations have regulations that serve to protect the public.

Another challenge that we face is the COVID-19 pandemic that the media reports to us on a daily basis. We are being bombarded with bad news and sensationalism. It is imperative that everyone pulls together to help reelect President Donald Trump and to take back the House and increase our majority in the Senate. We do not have a choice.

America is at crossroads. Our only hope is the Republican Party. We can do it, we will do it, and America will continue to be that one and only “beacon of hope” that many generations have and will continue to enjoy.

Chuck Graham, Pinellas Park