Re: Freebee service a no-go (Feb. 6)

This is in response to Cheryl Moon’s letter concerning the new Freebee service in Pass-A-Grille. As one of those who worked to rid ourselves of the big buses, let me explain our reasoning.

The big buses were running every 20 minutes from 6 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week. That’s 54 trips per day. The buses ran mostly empty most of the time. When we asked the PSTA for ridership numbers, they would not provide them. Our concern was that the 54 trips a day were taking a toll on our newly finished road project. The Pass-A-Grille Way road construction cost more than $12 million and took four years of terrible inconvenience. We simply felt that running those big buses down our new road was doing more harm than good.

The new Freebees run the same route every 20 minutes as the old buses, plus they can come on-demand by using the app. And they will drop you off at any destination below the Don Cesar Hotel, including Vina Del Mar. They are totally free, and the drivers do not accept tips.

The new Freebees are universally popular with those of us who live in Pass-A-Grille. They are attractive, quiet and provide excellent service. Contrary to the idea of ending this service, we soon will expand it up to the public lot across from Publix.

As for the new Freebees hurting our local tourism, that’s simply not a worry we have. PAG is packed on most nice days and will continue to be going forward.

Chris Core, Pass-A-Grille