I don’t know about you, but if I were the legally elected president of these United States of America, and I was forced to rule for my first two years with one hand tied behind my back, while undergoing an illegal witch hunt, with no underlying crime, perpetrated by this country’s past president, opposition party presidential candidate, intelligence community, the Justice Department, the national opposition political party, the RINO establishment members of my own party, and the fake, yellow journalism news, while I fully cooperated by being the most transparent president in U.S. history, allowing all my close advisors, staff, family, friends, personal attorneys, be subjected to countless hours of questioning, submitting over a million documents, throwing many of these people into poverty by forcing them to exhaust their life savings through legal fees, etc., job loss, home loss, in some cases, made to spend time in jail, sacrificing their reputations, causing our nation to lose valuable time and forward impedes, solving immigration, a porous border, rebalancing unfavorable trade agreements and tariffs, aggressive foreign governments and actors, the economy, lawlessness and negatively affecting our mid-term elections by dragging out and delaying the early known conclusion of innocence. There was no crime and I was found not guilty of everything, and after all that, I continue to be accused of engaging in a “cover up?”

Why, yes, I would be more than a little bit pissed.

Harvey Simon, Clearwater