St. Pete Beach is really nice already, yet it can get better, mainly by installing a pier at the beach access park on the south end of Gulf Boulevard. There is nothing like getting out over the water, especially our fantastic Gulf of Mexico. We don't need anything elaborate, just a way to get off the shore and be able to take in the Gulf waters and breezes any time of the year. The St. Pete Pier does not fulfill this need as the bay is no replacement for the Gulf. Besides, access to their new pier is limited. Our region needs a pier that is easily accessible and free to use, with a basic business on or near it to provide tackle, sandwiches and refreshments, that's all.

Considering that Gulf Boulevard is going to be experiencing sewer upgrades and the street will be torn up, this is the ideal time to “piggy back” on that major construction project. When finished, we would have a beautiful newly resurfaced Gulf Boulevard and a phenomenal back-to-basics pier that is easily accessible from the Bayway and will provide inspiration to us all year round, not to mention increased commerce during the slow summer months. It is always cooler over the water, even in the middle of summer.

Jeannie Cline, St. Petersburg