We have lived in the Clearwater area for almost 40 years and have used paper ballots for a long time; however, the new computer technology is easily hacked. Reliable reports show that the Russians and other foreign adversaries have hacked into our election systems country-wide and we need to go back to simple, safe and unhackable paper ballots. The House has already passed legislation to allocate $600 million country-wide, but the Senate has refused to allow a vote to be taken on this important issue. Nobody really understands why Mitch McConnell has decided to obstruct our democratic need for a fair and accurate voting process. Our intelligence agencies have confirmed we have been hacked and unless we change back to paper ballots and scanners, we’ll face another attack by the Russians and other bad actors in 2020.

Please send your letters to Mitch McConnell to remind him that he works for US — that is, the United States of America — and we need this money to ensure we’ll have a fair election.

Our Senators must fight to allocate $600 million to secure our elections.

Ken Sponagle, Clearwater