Alzheimer’s disease has damaged my family in every way. My mother’s biggest companion, her memory, has been stripped from her and our family faces turmoil and disarray every day. Denials and disagreements among us seem constant and finances are an issue. Lastly, the caregiving and medical sector continues to be unaware of the disease and its needs. These are the reasons I make it a priority to advocate on behalf of all those who have been affected by this unmerciful disease.

This week, at the Alzheimer’s Association “Rally in Tally,” I met with lawmakers to discuss making Alzheimer’s a top legislative priority in Florida. In those conversations, one of the needs we discussed was an increase in funding for both the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative and the Community Care for the Elderly programs.

These programs provide much-needed respite to the more than 1 million caregivers in our state, but there are currently thousands on the wait list to receive these services, so I ask our legislators to please support these vital programs with the funding they need.

Maria Houmis, Safety Harbor