Re: Make a smart decision when you vote (July 9)

Letter writer says you can’t fix stupid, boy is he right! How stupid to block roadways, burn buildings, kill innocent people and tear down history for one corrupt police officer. Of course, he blames the president not because he deserves the blame but because he goes against the left’s agenda of victimhood for all.

It’s interesting how all of sudden the name of military bases is so offensive when for eight years prior no one mentioned them. For that matter, how about the 50 years prior to that?

It is almost time to vote and everyone should make a wise choice when they do so. To that end, I would only say this, listen carefully to what each is saying they will do for you in the future. Crush your economy, increase taxes, free prisoners (felons), open borders and eliminate your constitution or make an effort to bring the promise of America back to the forefront, your choice. If you think it is so terrible, vote him out, do not cry about the result.

Robert Jonatzke, New Port Richey