Guns do not kill; people do. Corporations are people. Biden stole the 2016 election. Mass fraudulent voting exists today (total of 75 in Florida). Critical Race Theory gives the Whites in our country a serious guilt complex.  

Those are examples of the nefarious thought-control machine operated and maintained by the Republicans of both the Florida Legislature and the U.S. Senate (with Scott and Rubio as leaders) and 40% of U.S. voters. Supporters of the above concepts need a mental test, not “would-be killers” for whom few have proposed rational solutions.

If the majority of both Republicans and Democrats in the federal and state legislatures voted for gun laws, the NRA (National Rifle Association) would be at a standstill. That is what happened in Australia.

Mental strife does not lead to gun violence unless the gun is made easily available; so say the vast majority of countries in the world. 

An unarmed person is a threat to no one. Guns do kill and very well. 

Arthur Hebert