Gov. DeSantis recently proposed increasing financial penalties for municipalities who pollute local waters with sewage discharges. I believe that this type of legislation is critical to reducing the threat of toxic algae and protecting local waterways and wildlife for the enjoyment of all and the enrichment of our visitor-centric economy.

The problem is a big deal in the Tampa Bay region: In one day in December, three municipalities in Pinellas County spilled almost a million gallons of sewage into the bay. That included 38,000 gallons from Tampa, 70,000 from St. Petersburg and a whopping 750,000 from Clearwater. This represents a clear and present threat to our environment and way of life in Dunedin. We owe it to our 38,000-plus citizens and hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to stand up for the most precious recourse in Dunedin. I am exceptionally proud to live in Dunedin where preventative measures that other cities deem too costly are commonplace. As a result, the city has one of the best waste treatment track records in the state. It’s time our neighbors followed suit.

Jeremy Reynolds, Dunedin