The world of learning has flipped completely upside-down. Every school is closed, leaving students to learn at their homes over the internet. Sounds like something out of a movie, however this fictional setting is that of reality nowadays. This new system of education has its pros and cons. As a student, I have encountered these firsthand.

Online school offers students more freedoms. Students learning through online means have much more freedoms to customize their schedules. For example, I can choose when I want to spend time relaxing and working. Students attending online school do not have to commit to the strict dress codes of some schools. They can dress as comfortable as they please. Students can also choose when and what they want to eat. These types of freedoms we have at home, we often take for granted. In a nutshell, online schools offer students more freedom.

Online school completely omits the social aspect of regular school. Student’s relationships with friends are very important in the development of their personalities. Without this, some students may become emotionally stunted. The lack of human interaction brought on by online school has led to depression in many students. Common effects of depression include lack of motivation and poorer grades. Some students just straight up miss their friends. This sudden change is rough for them. To sum it all up, virtual school removes regular school’s social interaction.

Virtual school also breaks the relationship between teacher and student. Since teachers no longer teach with students in a classroom, students cannot get to know their teachers. This makes learning less personal and not as enjoyable. Teachers also cannot personally get to know their students. They may not be able to tend to their specific needs. Without a relationship with their teachers, students may feel less confident. They cannot count on being able to speak to their teachers every day.

In conclusion, virtual school has its pros and cons, all of which I have experienced firsthand. This includes the freedoms of online school, the lack of social interaction, and the lack of teacher and student relationships. I never thought I would say this: “I want to go back to my school.”

Thomas Renner, Largo

Renner is a Pinellas County middle school student