Re: ‘Taking issue with ‘undocumented’’ letter, Sept. 5


I appreciate the opportunity to respond to this letter.

You take umbrage to the term “undocumented” and insist that the term “illegals” be applied to law-breakers? Fine. Then to avoid the obvious appearance of blatant bigotry let’s not limit it only to people of color at the southern border. Any person who breaks the law is an illegal. Cheat on your taxes? You’re an illegal. Driving over the speed limit? You’re an illegal. Fishing out of season? You’re an illegal. And what of the legal fictions we call corporations? They fail to follow any state or federal regulations? They’re all illegals too, they must be dissolved immediately.

Speaking of which, did you notice that the Trump administration staged his immigration raids only at corporations who were known to hire large numbers of these kinds of immigrants? I believe the legal term is “low-hanging fruit.” Hundreds arrested yet not a single corporate executive among them. That’s right, they always seem to arrest the economically desperate and never the masters who exploit them. Months from now there will be more raids at the same companies, more immigrants deported, more executives rewarded.

We are all winners of the great evolutionary contest. It’s detestable to refer to our fellow human beings as illegal. It’s the first step in dehumanizing them and then the slippery slope of committing atrocities against them. We are better than that. In fact, we need them as much as they need us. They are America’s future. Their payroll taxes will be funding your Social Security, your Medicare, your state and local governments. If anyone is willing to climb mountains, cross parching deserts, swim treacherous rivers and unforgiving terrain to get here, then I say they’ve earned it. They have the American spirit. We should not punish them for who they are. We should welcome them for who we are.

Kevin Quillen, Seminole