A few weeks back we learned the most wonderful news that one of the few remaining parcels of land was saved in Dunedin. This was thanks to a number of people who were strong and brave to help make it happen. With so little remaining land in Pinellas County, we have to understand clearly when it is gone, it is gone, regardless of the economic impact it could bring to the tax rolls. It matters for the wetlands, the wildlife and ultimately represents what we are doing to the quality of human life.

The fight over the former Tides Golf Course in Seminole goes on, covering very important wetlands plus the potential for tremendous traffic and strain on our water/sewer system. These points are too often swept under the rug. The changes I have seen here since the late 1950s since my childhood are not good — don’t kid yourselves and accept that. This is not good progress. I hold so much respect for what they accomplished on the Douglas-Hackworth property. We should all be grateful for a variety of reasons.

Robyn Dalton, Largo