It seems a problem is growing in Largo.

Growth, without consideration to residents is on the agenda.

Industrial size car washes are popping up all over and within feet of residences. These conveniences seem to have little respect for the homeowners which are forced to listen to the constant drone of multiple vacuums at once and disrespectful customers that seem to compete for attention while cleaning their cars and raising their stereos to obnoxious levels.

Largo leaders are jumping on every new apartment complex as well as new business venture with little regard for current residents. It seems as though they are determined to restrict the flow of people and traffic at every turn. Adding hundreds of rental units in areas already congested with traffic. In addition, road projects that are meant to beautify while simultaneously, restricting traffic and causing hazards with poor design.

I simply ask any leaders approving these projects to consider a five-story complex with hundreds of units being placed in their backyard. If not an apartment complex, perhaps a 14-hour per day constant droning of several industrial vacuums. Maybe then, they would be more considerate of the voters that appointed them to their positions in the first place.

John Mills