Re: ‘Cleaning up beach clutter,’ Bee, July 11


My husband and I think it’s great that the 27 beach accesses at Indian Rocks Beach are getting makeovers and updates. It’s a great idea for the one single sign to replace the many signs that outline the rules for beachgoers to follow.

Maybe, just maybe, this one single sign will simplify the rules so that more people who go to the beach will adhere more closely to them instead of choosing to ignore them. Since moving here nearly eight years ago we have seen some not-so-good behavior at our beloved Indian Rocks Beach. We have seen an increase in the amount of cigarette butts littering the beach, kids’ plastic beach toys being left behind to wash out into the water and people taking their dogs to the beach, some without a leash. We’ve been met with much hostility when we tell them dogs are not allowed; in fact, we were once threatened and feared for our safety, so we left the beach and went home.

My whole point is, unless these rules are strictly enforced, all of the nice, new signs in the world are not going to do any good or cause these people to do the right thing to keep our beaches beautiful.

Angie C. Simon, Largo