I know that the country's primary focus right now is on the pandemic crisis as it should be. What comes to my mind is how come the nation's homeless "crisis" is not treated as in need of immediate relief also?

We have and have had this homeless situation for years but the president and do-nothing Congress obviously have not reacted to provide any relief to their plight. We have both homeless veterans and other homeless still sleeping on the streets (especially in Pelosi's district). Congress is now providing trillions in response to the pandemic. I think it is beyond belief that they have done nothing to provide funds for the homeless in this country. There should be no person in this country that does not have shelter, food and medical care. The temporary hospitals that the Army Corps of Engineers have provided could be used to shelter the homeless after the pandemic is over.

The homeless are crying for relief. We should relieve their suffering.

Lenny Wilson, Seminole