My compliments to Tampa Bay Newspapers for the Seminole Celebrates 50 Years special edition, Nov. 12.

It gave an informative, entertaining and colorful overview of a city that has grown from that infamous day in 1970 when 800 Freeholders, sitting on folding chairs in the middle of the old Seminole Mall food court, came together for the purpose of forming a city.

Wouldn’t those Freeholders be surprised and pleased to see our vibrant community of today consisting of a thriving business community, numerous neighborhoods, churches, schools, and civic clubs?

With 160 city employees working to assure timely and specific municipal services for over 19,000 people, I believe the first citizens of Seminole would also be pleased with how the city has evolved.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office has provided law enforcement services to Seminole for 50 years. Their professional approach to policing helps to assure safety and security for residents and businesses.

This special edition provided a key city timeline, wonderful wildlife and nature photos, a salute to distinguished long-term leaders and shop owners, with the support of generous local advertisers.

The front cover highlighting the sixth annual Seminole Kiwanis Breakfast Club’s Field of Honor, so perfectly defines our patriotic, family-friendly, and civic-minded city.

I would like to note that through the focused leadership of former Mayor Dottie Reeder the city not only grew in population but also grew from near bankruptcy to economic soundness that ultimately put the city on a glide path to the debt-free status of today with no new taxes since 1996.

I am proud to be the mayor of Seminole, and I can assure you that City Council and city management will continue to work on behalf of “an even better Seminole.”

Leslie Waters

Mayor, City of Seminole