Until the COVID-19 outbreak, most people never gave much thought to laboratory testing. When your doctor says, “we’ll send it to the lab,” naturally you expect you’ll get timely, accurate test results. But this year’s pandemic spotlights that what occurs in the laboratory to deliver those results is quite complex.

As a pathologist here in Tampa, I am the doctor who specializes in laboratory medicine. Pathologists lead dedicated teams of highly trained medical laboratory professionals that deliver your test results. In fact, laboratory tests inform and impact 70% of the decisions made regarding your care and the care of patients nationwide

This year, April 19-25 is National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week and a good time to reflect on the hard work and dedication these skilled clinicians deliver to our patients every day, every week, every year. While you may not always see us, we care deeply about you, your health, and the health of our community.

During this difficult time, I can assure you that across the country, pathologists, laboratory professionals, and public health experts are working together, with determined dedication, to deliver tests to communities in need. We will get through this — together.

Dr. Nicole D. Riddle, Tampa