I am going to title this “I’ve had enough.”

I’ve had enough of people in our country who can no longer think on their own. People who mimic the media reports that no longer inform and educate us, but control and tell us what to think and how to believe. I’ve had enough of the people in this country who no longer know how to converse one on one, listen to each other, weigh the thoughts and opinions of each other, think and evaluate those opinions of each other and make intelligent decisions. I’ve had enough of those that take stands based on left or right, conservative or liberal, black or white and categorize them as simply right or wrong. People who listen and mimic like a parrot what they are told and what they read without truly investigating or understanding the entire situation. People who use hate, fear and stubbornness to formulate their decision and thoughts.

We, as a society, are being led by the government and media down paths that will lead only to separation and anarchy in our country. We will become a society that can no longer think or form opinions without them being homogenized and spoon fed to us through social media.

This is not about Trump or Biden or Black Lives Matter or COVID-19. This is about us. This is about coming together as a society and rebuilding our great country. Together, not apart. Together Black and White, Hispanic and Asian, liberal and conservative, Jewish and Catholic, and so on.

This is about the principles and dreams of America. What America was built on and thrived on. What America stands for. America was and is the greatest country in the world. Millions of citizens of other countries attempt to immigrate here, both legally and illegally, sometimes facing grave danger and penalties in doing so.

I’ve had enough. Enough nonsense. Enough of people hating Trump, hating skin color, hating beliefs and making decisions and forming beliefs solely on hate instead of thought.

Stuart Rosenblatt, Clearwater