Every day I see our rights being snuffed out by the right wingers who think they know what is best for our lives. We Democrats are live-and-let-live type people but if you press us into the ground we may fight back. The alarming news that the Supreme Court is working to undo Roe vs. Wade is the latest outrage.

When I was 11 years old, I discovered my big sister, age 18, was bleeding profusely. Of course I didn’t know that she’d had a back-room abortion in New York City. When I said you have to go to the hospital, she breathlessly said no, no, she couldn’t go to the hospital.

Well, feeling desperately afraid, I took it out of her hands — I called for an ambulance. I was not allowed to go to the ER with her but she was given an inquisition there over her abortion. How many young women would die after some backroom abortion rather than go to the hospital or die from a septic infection as a result? As a nation, don’t we want wanted and cared-for children? Seventy-three percent of this country believe that women should have the right to choose. We need a national vote on just this one subject. Let’s have one poll nationwide in September to determine the numbers of who is for and who is against abortion.

What if we women decided that you could no longer have your little blue pills? Perhaps you’d feel a little diminished? Meanwhile, I just want to know when the Republican men are going to outfit us women with chastity belts. Yes, take us back a few centuries when women did the bidding of their men. Perhaps then you all will be satisfied.

Ann Stoner, Indian Rocks Beach