After reflecting on the past year, I searched hard to capture the perfect words to succinctly and eloquently sum up 2020.

Here in Pinellas we take pride in our beaches. They provide us with valuable recreational opportunities; they give local and endangered wildlife a place to call home; and they support our region’s tourism-based economy. Less talked about, but perhaps equally important, our beaches also serve…

So here we go into 2021, with our seat belts fastened. I wish all of us the best possible luck. Following is a listing of thoughts and ideas that I hope will help you and me remain stable and rational in the days ahead. These ideas come from many sources, mostly books I have leaned on. Perha…

If there is one good thing to say about the COVID-19 pandemic, it's that it has given columnists, journalists, and historians something new to write about at Christmas time.

As an elected Supervisor of Elections, my responsibility to the nearly 400,000 constituents of Pasco County is to administer politically agnostic, fair, and transparent elections. It is a duty I proudly and willingly accept in public service and in preservation of our precious democracy.

As you may have seen and heard recently, the world seems on the verge of going to hell, courtesy of COVID-19. I don't agree with that. But rather than bore you with my thoughts, today I'll send out a column of what other, wiser men and women have said about different things.

If you occasionally wonder what life is all about, just try opening a pile of a week's mail after you've neglected it. Your responses may reveal some of your daily or lifetime attitudes. Here are a few of mine.

As COVID-19 continues to occupy the attention of most of the world, a question arises: In addition to the end of the pandemic, what do people really want? If you stopped a hundred or a thousand persons on the street and asked them that question, what would their answers — or yours — be?

On Nov. 3, I did something I had not done before. I volunteered to be an election day poll worker. I did not really know what I was getting into, but with so many workers sitting this one out due to COVID-19, I wanted to help.

The above title could easily serve as the motto of the entire fundraising industry, which has become one of the largest and most powerful enterprises in our land.

Help finally has arrived for veterans facing tough personal issues that thrust them into a criminal justice system designed to punish lawbreakers rather than provide assistance to those who served their country and are struggling. I am one of those veterans who was struggling and faced poten…

Someone famous once said, "Humans were not meant to drift. We must choose some of our thoughts and try to follow them." I agree, although I don 't really know what the guy had in mind. Here are a few thoughts that have drifted through my mind in recent days.

    A referendum on the November ballot will ask voters in Clearwater to decide whether the Landings Golf Course should be redeveloped into a light industrial manufacturing complex and leased to a developer to build roughly 710,000 square feet of industrial facilities on approximately 58 acres o…

    I can remember when Election Days were simple. You made up your mind about who and what to vote for. You reported to the appropriate voting site. You showed your identification. You were given a ballot. You marked it up and handed it in. You went home.

    Life is a gamble. Risk lies everywhere. Such as being killed by a lightning bolt. But that's unlikely, according to experts. If 60,000 to 80,000 humans stood in a field during a lightning storm, odds are that only one person would be struck.

    If Joe Biden is declared the official winner of the Nov. 3 presidential election, our nation will enter perhaps the most dangerous 80 days of our history.

    As National Suicide Prevention Month is upon us, the need for suicide intervention could not be more critical, especially for men. Not only do approximately 44,000 people die by suicide every year in the United States, but the majority who succeed are men. While 90% have some form of underly…

    Now that I'm again watching TV, I've resumed an old hobby: simply studying the men and women who do most of the speaking. I will call them presenters, i.e., persons who speak to an audience live in a public gathering or who present the news, commercials, political speeches and weather report…

    My daughter and son-in-law recently gave me a lovely 39-inch TV set to replace the one that died a year or two ago. I deliberately went without TV, on the theory that doing so would make me more productive. The theory didn't work. I could waste time even if I were in a locked-down prison cel…

    Along with all the wonders TV and other media can bring to us, we must also put up with witnessing the miseries of life. If you cannot name any or all of them, they will sooner or later appear on your TV or computer screen.

    Was it any surprise that the Largo commission with obvious bias flat-out rejected the suggestion and decried the issue presented to them by its Charter Review Committee to permit voters to voice their opinion on term limits for Largo elected officials.

    Fear takes many forms. One of the most common is worry. Worry means using your imagination to picture the bad things that may happen in the future. But the future does not actually exist. Therefore, the genuine enemy is our minds, and the thoughts that we allow to inhabit our imaginations.

    By now, I’m sure you're having trouble reaching human beings by telephone. Oh, sure, your Aunt Nellie can be easily reached. I'm talking about the world of commerce, computers, government and other biggies.

    The Palm Harbor Library has been recognized in our community for being the cornerstone of a thriving Palm Harbor, where patrons enrich their lives by utilizing the library’s many resources. From literacy tutoring, job assistance, Medicare planning, art exhibits, children’s programs, musical …

    The food we eat and the fluids we drink are possibly the most intimate — and most risky — ways we treat our bodies. But how much do we know about our meals and drinks before we ingest them? As a rule, probably not much. As in other areas of our lives, we trust that the hundreds of food and d…

    Everyone loves a parade. I know I do! And so do the residents of Seminole Gardens and Freedom Square, Seminole City Council members, city management, staff and employees.

    So God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, saying “You ripped it, kids. From now on you must earn your way by the sweat of your brow.”

    Throughout the world, workers are unable to go to their fields, offices and factories because of a deadly virus. Children are forbidden to go to school. People are wearing masks. Families are cooped up at home, staring at each other and asking “What? Why? When? Who?”

    Stoicism is a philosophy invented by ancient Greeks and Romans. It has been practiced by many persons. It is not a religion and does not want to be. It teaches useful ways of thinking and behaving. I own a book, the Daily Stoic, whose principal author is Ryan Holiday. I consult the book each…

    My 2020 census form arrived this week, and what pleasure it was, just to open it up. For a starter, it did not ask me for money. Not one blessed dime. In the past month I've received only six pieces of mail that did NOT ask me to donate to a worthy cause.

    HEAVEN OR HELL: MAKE YOUR CHOICE. Three out of four Americans say they believe in heaven. But only 54% believe in hell. So says Bible scholar Bart Ehrman. He has published a book telling how our views of the afterlife have changed during past centuries. For example, many years ago people wer…

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