One of the many lessons this pandemic has taught us is that we should be taking better care of our elderly. Too often, especially in Florida, those of us at a certain age are put into confinement known as ALFs for the remainder of what life we have left. Often at the convenience of the family who are the decision makers.

There are too many experiencing loneliness awaiting a weekly visit that cannot be counted on. Because waking up each day has no purpose, lack of motivation and eventually, hope slowly diminishes. The time to make decisions about your own long-term care is when your mind is sharp and the body still has strength. Put it in writing. To me, care in my own home filled with memories and treasures is a ticket to a fulfilling end of life. So much so that I am leaving my substantial home in a foundation that will care for a certain category of women, perhaps with more class than cash, but with the desire to live life to the fullest to the last breath.

Florida is not God’s Waiting Room. It is the place for, perhaps, the best years of our lives.

Katherine Lovallo, Seminole