Re: Patricia Plantamura letter, April 11


It is with great regret that I must respond to former City Councilor Patricia Plantamura’s letter to the editor. It reflected mostly on me, which was shocking since I have had no direct contact with her in over three years. It would take too much ink to respond to her bitterness wrapped in misrepresentations, twists and spins, all seemingly via second and third party observation.

Some citizens of Seminole recall that Ms. Plantamura has the distinction of being the only councilor, in memory, ever to be censured for her behavior and conduct while on council. The censure was not offered by me, but I, along with the full council voted for it.

On a more positive note, thanks to so many citizens who enjoy living in the city of Seminole, and who support my City Council leadership and my community activism over the past 40 years — working at Allstate Insurance Company as a community relations manager, serving in the Florida Legislature and Seminole City Council, and always advocating “for a better community.”

Sunny Seminole is the place to be!

Leslie Waters, Mayor

City of Seminole