Re: Israel can do better than Netanyahu 03-21-19


What an extreme intellectual pleasure it is to read an article in an American newspaper that is bold enough to allow criticism of the state of Israel (a Florida legislator now wants that to be called “anti-Semitic”). I agree with Marty Moore’s descriptions of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s illegal and immoral conduct resulting in the horrific detriment of the Palestinian economic, political and social well-being. Moore is first to be allowed to point out in a Tampa Bay newspaper the inordinate influence of the Israeli government in our foreign policy in the Middle East through the intercession of the Republican Party. It makes the party appear as a fifth column, i.e. un-American, to our national interest which has never been and cannot be identical to any other country and that includes Israel.

In the final analysis, when the 1947 U.N. partition of Palestine became unacceptable to both parties, Moore writes that what resulted was “decades of predictable hostility, four Arab instigated wars of aggression and Palestinian terrorism.” If by aggression, he means resorting to violence to protect one’s land, then I agree. On the other hand, his usage of the word “terrorism” (so abused by our politicians today) ignores the fact that “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice” (Barry Goldwater).

Moore states that if Netanyahu’s government responds to Hamas and Hezbollah with “an ultra-nationalist apartheid state, they should know American support is not unconditional.” American support may not be unconditional, but congressional and gubernatorial support are unconditional with Mother AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) observing them.

The April 9 elections in Israel will determine if Israel can do better than Netanyahu.

Arthur Hebert, Largo