I hope this week our county commissioners vote to require masks in indoor public settings for both employees and members of the public. When it comes to public health, the right to choose whether to wear a mask should be modified as soon as you walk into another’s airspace.

Face masks are inconvenient, they fog our glasses and they’re a constant reminder that there’s a pandemic. But masks save lives and they’re the best tool we have in lieu of distance. A new Texas A&M study said, “We conclude that wearing a face mask in public corresponds to the most effective means to prevent inter-human transmission.”

I would like to be able to eat inside a restaurant or go to a yoga class again but I’ll be staying home instead so long as others are not wearing their masks. I’m healthy and middle-aged. For some of my older friends, they won’t even grocery shop now because so many shoppers have become unmasked. AMC movie chain got a lesson in consumer sentiment this week when they first decided to make masks optional for guests, then had to reverse course.

We are rapidly running out of time to debate this issue as our county becomes one of the next COVID-19 hotspots. And boy, that sure won’t help our tourist-heavy economy. Please everyone, when it comes to wearing face masks in public, take a cue from a Nike slogan and Just do it!

Kelly Cisarik, Indian Rocks Beach