Activists are back in action regarding the fate of the Tides Golf Club property on Boca Ciega Bay at 11832 66th Ave. N. after owners recently announced the closure of the club.


With respect to the closing of the Tides golf course: The reasons given are a bunch of nonsense. I am a December-March snowbird in Madeira Beach and play at the Tides at least twice a week with 8-16 friends. We usually have to wait for even larger groups (up to 80 players) to finish their outing before we can start. There never seem to be any open tee times. In fact the Tides is noted for being one of the more crowded courses in the area. The claim that there is “no support from the golfing community” is simply not true. The new carts last year were much appreciated, but they aren’t of much use if there is no golf course. I hope the responsible Seminole officials will take a close look at what the truth is behind the closing.

Barry Thomas, Athens, Ohio