Pinellas County Utilities joins the American Water Works Association and water professionals across North America in celebration of Drinking Water Week, May 5-11. The purpose and theme of the event is to encourage water consumers to get to know their local water supply.

Finding information about local water is simple. As required by the Safe Drinking Water Act, water utilities must provide customers with an annual water quality report, also called a Consumer Confidence Report.

A CCR identifies the quality of local drinking water and if any contaminants are detected and if so, which ones. To view Pinellas County Utilities’ CCR, visit and click on the latest report.

To learn more about the source of water for Pinellas County Utilities customers, including an informational video and fun knowledge quiz, visit

Additionally, information about local source water is available through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s “How’s My Waterway?” website at

Locally, Pinellas County Utilities has launched the In the Know about H2O campaign to educate customers about their high-quality and safe tap water supply. Customers should look for various informational and educational events in their area throughout the upcoming year.

To learn more about Pinellas County Utilities, visit