During the Pinellas County Clerk of the Court’s Virtual Operation Green Light Event, eligible customers with suspended driver licenses will be able to pay overdue court and traffic fines, while saving up to 25 percent on collections fees.

This initiative aims to help thousands of individuals with Pinellas County cases looking to save on fees, inquire about a payment plan, and have their driver license reinstated.

The Clerk’s Online Virtual Registration Portal became available on Monday, Nov. 9, and will remain open through midnight Saturday, Nov. 14.

Customers will be contacted two-three business days after registration to discuss eligibility and payment options.

Customers with driver licenses suspended due to revocation for failure to pay child support, DUI, failure to complete a driver’s course ordered by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, traffic related felony or deemed by FLHSMV as a habitual traffic offender may not be eligible to participate.

While customers will save on collections fees, an administration fee of $25 is required for a payment plan, late fees must be paid, along with a reinstatement fee when applicable. Those who pay their debts, or go on a monthly payment plan, will also be able to reinstate their suspended driver license in most cases.

Payment options will be addressed when contacted after registering.

The event will not address the following items as they require court action:

• Reduction or waiver of court-imposed fees

• Grant or reinstate community service hours

• Recalling of warrants

• Termination of probation

• Amending statute to lesser charge

• Waiver of court ordered school

• Setting aside defensive driving course school election

For more information, contact the Pinellas Clerk’s office at 727-464-7000 or visit www.mypinellasclerk.org.