TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recently launched a new crash records portal at FloridaCrashPortal.gov.

The new Florida Crash Portal provides comprehensive information about purchasing a crash report, reporting a crash and accessing the state’s latest crash data.

FLHSMV is the state’s official repository for crash records. The new portal provides the public with a convenient option to obtain crash reports, while enhancing the crash reporting capability for law enforcement statewide.

FLHSMV’s newly designed crash report portal allows customers to purchase a crash report online and have them sent to an email of their choice. The fee for a crash report is $10, per section 321.23, Florida Statutes.

Customers can purchase up to 10 reports per transaction and a $2 convenience fee is applied to the total transaction when using the online portal.

Drivers involved in minor crashes with no injuries and less than $500 in property damage may be eligible to self-report a crash in lieu of a law enforcement officer completing the report. The Florida Crash Portal guides motorists through the eligibility requirements for self-reporting crashes and provides a link to submit a self-reported crash form. Customers can also download and email themselves a copy of the self-report form for their records.

Additionally, the portal includes a new Crash Dashboard to provide up-to-date, interactive statewide crash data for the public. The Crash Dashboard allows users to view total crash data and sort by year, by county and type of crash. Historical traffic crash reports are also available on the department’s website.

For more information, visit FloridaCrashPortal.gov.