CLEARWATER — Tierra Verde Community Association will get up to $15,500 for enhancements and equipment replacement for tennis and pickleball courts. The money will come for the county’s Municipal Service Taxing Unit fund for community projects.

County commissioners unanimously approved the request on Sept. 10.

Jerry Frulio, president of the Tierra Verde Community Association, sent a letter to Commissioner Kathleen Peters, requesting the funding. Peters took it before the full commission for approval.

In the letter, Frulio said the money would be used for fencing, gates, windscreens, canopy benches, as well as tennis and pickleball scoreboards for two courts at the Tierra Verde Community Association Complex, 1420 Bayway S.

The letter said the fencing would be used to keep balls contained so players wouldn’t have to retrieve them outside the courts. Two entrance gates would prevent interruption of matches.

Frulio said windscreens along the parameter of the fencing would provide a dark backdrop for better visibility and would reduce glare and other distractions. The canopy benches would provide seating and shade.

The commission has put $220,000 in a fund dedicated to MSTU projects in unincorporated areas of the county since fiscal year 2016. With the approval of the latest request from Tierra Verde, the fund will have $424,983 remaining.

Tierra Verde Community Association has received about $36,500 for projects at its complex since 2017, including $13,500 to resurface the tennis courts and $12,505 for LED lighting.

Suzette Porter is TBN’s Pinellas County editor. She can be reached at