Clearwater Police are conducting a fraud investigation after a new kind of skimmer was found July 16 on a gas pump at 7-Eleven, 205 N. Belcher Road.

CLEARWATER — Police say a new kind of high-tech skimmer found July 16 on a gas pump at a Clearwater convenience store may have been in place for at least a week.

Clearwater police responded to the 7-Eleven, 205 N. Belcher Road, Tuesday morning after store employees reported they were unable to open one of the pumps.

When the pump finally was opened, it contained a new high-tech version of a skimmer that had not been previously seen in Clearwater.


The new high-tech skimmer is Bluetooth-equipped, which allows a person to sit nearby and gather credit card information without ever having to visit the pump again.

Police say the skimmer was Bluetooth-equipped, which allows the suspect or suspects to sit nearby and gather card information without ever having to visit the pump again.

Detectives are urging anyone who may have purchased gas at pump 9 of the Belcher Road 7-Eleven to keep a close eye on their bank and credit card statements. Fraudulent charges could pop up at any time — now or in the future, police say.

“Canceling a credit card if you used that pump would be the best idea,” detectives recommend.

Detectives offered additional advice, such as using a credit card instead of a debit card when making gasoline purchases. Paying for gas inside the store is safer than paying at the pump.

“If you can pay with cash inside, that is always the best recommendation,” police say.

Anyone with information on the 7-Eleven fraud case should call 727-562-4242.