A teenager from Pinellas Park High School was taken into custody after police received information from concerned parents regarding a social media video that included threats to the safety of students at the school.

Pinellas Park Police said the 15-year-old male was taken into custody May 6 without incident and admitted to posting the video.

“Although the teenager claimed the video was a joke, making threats of this nature will not be taken lightly by law enforcement,” said a PPPD release.

The teen was arrested and charged with electronic threats to conduct a mass shooting.

A firearm depicted in the video is believed to have been a realistic replica toy and no firearms were found to be in the teenager's possession.

Police Chief Michael Haworth said he would like to remind the public that "any and all threats of violence will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. When it comes to situations involving the safety of our community, no stone is left unturned.”