Taste of Seminole raises money for SHS students

More than 27 restaurants from the Seminole area will hand out food samples at this year’s Taste of Seminole Oct. 17, at Seminole High School.

SEMINOLE – Seminole High School, 8401 131st St. N., presents its fourth annual Taste of Seminole fundraiser Thursday, Oct. 17, 6 to 8 p.m., in the gymnasium.

More than 25 Seminole area restaurants will hand out samples of their menu items during the event.

“We have everything from barbecue to ice cream,” said William Scales, who oversees the Academy of E-Commerce at SHS.

The event launched four years ago as a fundraising event for the academy, he said. “It really started taking off and we realized is that there are multiple clubs and organizations and students that need to raise money, so now we’ve opened it up to all clubs.”

All SHS students are invited to sell tickets to the event, which cost $20. The money from their first ticket sold goes directly to the Academy of E-Commerce and, for the most part, is used to pay for the event, Scales said. “But every ticket after that goes back to the student.”

For instance, the Engineering Club will sell tickets to raise money for an upcoming trip, while other students might put the funds towards their graduation fees.

“Sometimes some of the smaller clubs and organizations struggle to come up with fundraising ideas or it becomes too much for them,” Scales said.

The event is not only a staple fundraiser for students, it’s a great way to connect the Seminole community with the school, he said.

What’s really cool about it is it brings all the community in. It’s not just the teachers and students and staff who attend this; the community comes in,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity for local businesses to promote themselves and make some connections.”

Last year, around 400 people attended Taste of Seminole, and he expects at least the same number to attend this year’s event.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we got close to 500 this year,” Scales said.

Katy Keim, 17, a senior in the Academy of E-Commerce, said that each year she looks forward to the hands-on nature of the student-run event. Students do everything from booking vendors to handing out food samples the day of the event. 

“It’s a great experience,” she said. “My favorite thing is getting to work with the vendors and getting to help serve the people. It’s so fun to me. We get to talk to the vendors too, and see what they like about their businesses and how they got started. It’s really cool to learn about them.”

Tickets can be purchased in advance at www.pcsb.org/seminole-hs or by cash and check at door.