Seminole City Council weighs in on city manager’s performance

Seminole City Manager Ann Toney-Deal

SEMINOLE — The Seminole City Council awarded City Manager Ann Toney-Deal a total raise of 8% at its Nov. 12 meeting.

Based on her annual review, she was awarded a 3% merit increase that all general employees are eligible to receive. This increase will be awarded retroactively based on her Aug. 14 anniversary date with the city.

She was also awarded an additional 5% raise after council reviewed a survey of city manager salaries in other Pinellas County municipalities.

According to the survey, Toney-Deal’s annual salary before the raise was $136,590. Of the 20 municipalities on the list, the highest paid is Clearwater’s city manager, William Horne, who has held the position for 20 years and currently has an annual salary of $202,660. The lowest paid is Belleair Bluffs City Administrator Debra Sullivan, who makes $91,670 after two years on the job. Toney-Deal, who has served as Seminole city manager for four years, is the 12th highest paid city manager on the list.

“Your 30 years’ experience is invaluable, 24 as city manager in several cities,” Mayor Leslie Waters said to Toney-Deal. “You bring a great deal of knowledge to the city and background and we appreciate that.”

By approving the raise, the council also approved the proposed City Manager Action Plan prepared by Toney-Deal after her annual appraisal from council.

The action plan calls for the city manager to:

• “continue to address the city’s long- and short-term goals set by city council each year.”

• “continue to attend/participate in community events and to speak with community organizations.”

• “continue to develop and implement strategies to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.”

• “strive to keep presentations succinct and brief where possible.”

• “assure in the annual retreat that council members collectively guide the decisions/directions with staff participating in a support role to provide information and feedback.”

• “continue to complete park upgrades.”

• “continue to pursue grants that are advantageous to the city.”

• “implement the seven-year pavement management plan.”

• “assure that the city has the ‘happiest’ 50th anniversary possible.”

The city of Seminole’s Human Resources Department compiled a list of city manager salaries throughout Pinellas County. Seminole city councilors reviewed this survey when considering City Manager Ann Toney-Deal’s annual raise.