Jim Quinn

SEMINOLE — Former Councilor Jim Quinn will come out of retirement to fill the Seminole City Council seat left vacant following the March 18 death of Councilor Bob Matthews.

Matthews died at 75 following a battle with gastric cancer.

At its March 24 meeting, council directed City Manager Ann Toney-Deal to invite Quinn, who announced at the city’s June 29 budget workshop that he wouldn’t seek reelection in the fall, to return to council temporarily. Matthews was up for reelection in November.

If Quinn declined to fill the vacancy, Toney-Deal was directed to open an application process for the council seat.

Toney-Deal said Quinn will be given the Oath of Office at the next council meeting.

The city charter requires the sitting council to fill a vacancy, she added, but there is “no set policy, practice or charter requirement on how you fill the position.”